Verdant Learning is a Brooklyn-based organization that partners with schools to strengthen parent engagement and to increase and diversify enrollment.

Guided by a participatory approach, we help parents, staff, and students engage more inclusively to build trust and support long-term student and school growth. We develop programs to support each school's learning priorities, improve communication and collaboration between staff and families, and help restore what is possible for students.

Verdant Learning draws upon lessons learned through traditional school turnaround approaches combined with enabling meaningful change in low- and high-tech environments across government, private and non-profit sectors.


where we work

In Community School District 14, Verdant Learning has been supporting IS 71 Juan Morel Campos School of the Arts, Grades 6-12, since 2015-16, PS/IS 157 Franklin Magnet, Grades PK-8, since 2018-19, and previously supported MS 582, Grades 6-8 from 2016 to 2018. In Community School District 13, Verdant supported Park Slope School 282, Grades K-8 and MS 266 Park Place Community School, Grades 6-8 in 2014-15.


our team